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The clinical picture of Meniere's disease in the light of glycerin and urea tests.

A mathematical-statistical analysis of the role of glycerin and urea tests in patients with Meniere's disease is presented. Using the quantification method for multidimensional qualitative data, 13 variables were analysed. The younger the patient the stronger was the correlation between age and positive glycerin and urea tests. At ages over 50 years, no correlation to positive test results was found. The longer the duration of disease, the stronger was the correlation between this duration and a positive urea test. The glycerin test showed no correlation to the duration of the disease. Hearing losses of 40-69 dB were correlated both to a positive glycerin test and to a positive urea test. Greater hearing losses were correlated only to a positive glycerin test. Hearing losses of less than 39 dB were not correlated to positive results of either the glycerin or the urea test. Directional preponderance in the caloric test showed a correlation to a positive urea test. On the basis of these results a hypothesis has been formulated to explain how glycerin and urea might affect the internal ear.[1]


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