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I.V. Labetalol during coronary artery surgery.

The hemodynamic effects of a fixed dose of 10 mg i.v. Labetalol were evaluated in 9 CAD patients during a surgical procedure for myocardial revascularisation. The results show a significant mean decrease in heart rate (HR) (-13%), systolic blood pressure (SBP) (-16%) and rate pressure product (RPP) (-28%). Other hemodynamic parameters were not significantly affected. These results were confirmed by a clinical study where in a series of 110 CAD patients 21 were treated during the surgical procedure with incremental doses of Labetalol to control high systolic blood pressure and tachycardia. Administration of a mean dose of 24.3 mg of Labetalol resulted in a significant decrease of RPP (-38%). No side effects related to Labetalol were encountered.[1]


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