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A new opine derived from nopaline.

Nopaline (N-[4-[(aminoiminomethyl)amino-]-1S-carboxybutyl]-2R-aminopentanedioic acid and isonopaline (N-[4-[(aminoiminomethyl)amino-1S-carboxybutyl]- 2S-aminopentanedioic acid) have been synthesized and separated by crystallization. In addition, a derivative of each of these compounds that forms spontaneously from the parent compounds under the usual crystallization conditions was isolated and characterized. The chemical properties, elemental analysis, 1H-NMR spectrum, and electrophoretic behavior of the derivative from nopaline are consistent with N-[4-[ (aminoiminomethyl)amino]-1S-carboxybutyl]-2-pyrrolidone-5R-carboxylic acid, also called pyronopaline. The presence of pyronopaline in crown gall tumor tissue and the catabolism of it by the bacterium A. tumefaciens establish it as a new opine.[1]


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