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Chemical Compound Review

Nopaline     (2R)-2-[[(1S)-1-carboxy-4...

Synonyms: Isonopaline, D-Nopaline, AG-J-20238, CHEBI:17249, CTK7D2127, ...
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Disease relevance of D-Nopaline


High impact information on D-Nopaline

  • We have determined which sequences at the right border of the T-DNA region of the nopaline C58 Ti plasmid are required for transfer and/or integration of the T-DNA into the plant cell genome [1].
  • To study the function of the genes of the T-DNA of the nopaline Ti plasmid, pTiC58, a collection of mutants was isolated so that T-DNA genes are inactivated either separately or in various combinations [6].
  • Size, location and polarity of T-DNA-encoded transcripts in nopaline crown gall tumors; common transcripts in octopine and nopaline tumors [2].
  • Transgenic N. glauca plants expressing bacterial virulence gene virF are converted into hosts for nopaline strains of A. tumefaciens [7].
  • To analyze relationships between RNA signals, DNA methylation and chromatin modifications, we performed a genetic screen to recover Arabidopsis mutants defective in RNA-directed transcriptional silencing and methylation of a nopaline synthase promoter-neomycinphosphotransferase II (NOSpro- NPTII) target gene [8].

Chemical compound and disease context of D-Nopaline


Biological context of D-Nopaline


Anatomical context of D-Nopaline

  • No complementation resulted when a nopaline virD2 clone containing a region similar to eukaryotic nuclear envelope transport sequences was deleted from the 3' end [18].

Associations of D-Nopaline with other chemical compounds


Gene context of D-Nopaline


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of D-Nopaline


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