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Pergolide for the treatment of pituitary tumors secreting prolactin or growth hormone.

We gave pergolide mesylate, a new long-acting ergot derivative with dopaminergic properties, to 47 patients with hypersecretion of prolactin or growth hormone. Single doses produced long-lasting reductions of serum prolactin levels; after 24 hours, the values remained depressed at a mean of 28.8 per cent of the base-line value. Among 41 patients (22 women and 19 men) with hyperprolactinemia who took pergolide for three months or more, prolactin levels fell to normal in 37 and remained slightly elevated in 2. In the two patients in whom the levels fell to only 38 to 52 per cent of base line, treatment was regarded as a failure. The level of growth hormone fell to a mean of 52.8 per cent of base line in patients with acromegaly who were taking 100 micrograms of pergolide per day. Among patients for whom adequate CT scans were available, definite tumor shrinkage occurred in 10 of 13 with macroadenomas and definite or probable shrinkage in 5 of 9 with microadenomas. Menses returned in 76 per cent of treated women and testosterone levels rose in 10 of 14 men. We conclude that pergolide reduces hypersecretion and shrinks most prolactin-secreting macroadenomas. In some patients long-term pergolide therapy may be superior to surgery and x-ray treatment.[1]


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