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Effect of excess leucine on tryptophan oxygenase, 3-hydroxyanthranilate oxygenase and leucine aminotransferase in livers of young rats.

Hepatic tryptophan oxygenase (EC 3-hydroxyanthranilate oxygenase (EC and leucine aminotransferase (EC activities were determined in livers of rat pups of various ages whose mothers were fed on diets with or without excess leucine. Tryptophan oxygenase activity was detectable on the 20th day in both the groups and thereafter increased with age. Low activity of 3-hydroxyanthranilate oxygenase was observed at birth, the levels increased on the 10th day and thereafter remained unaltered on both diets. Leucine aminotransferase activity was highest at birth and thereafter decreased with age. Tryptophan oxygenase and leucine aminotransferase activities were significantly higher at all ages in livers of pups born to mothers given excess leucine in their diet.[1]


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