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Haem and drug-metabolizing enzymes in regenerating rat liver.

Various parameters of haem and drug metabolism were measured during the course of liver regeneration after two-thirds hepatectomy. Partial hepatectomy produced a significant depression in delta-ALA synthetase and delta-ALA dehydratase, and induction in haem oxygenase at an early stage of regeneration. The values returned to normal within 7-14 days. These changes were also accompanied by a marked decline in benzo(a)pyrene hydroxylase and aminopyrene demethylase. The level of glutathione and the activity of glutathione reductase also increased during the early stage of proliferation. The increased level of glutathione with concomitant decrease in drug-metabolizing enzymes and induction in haem oxygenase could be considered as a protective mechanism for the detoxication process, although a contribution from other biotransforming mechanisms cannot be excluded.[1]


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