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Nosocomical Rhizopus infection (zygomycosis) in children.

Three children with the rare occurrence of zygomycosis are descibed: two had involvement of a solitary lesion of gangrenous cellulitis on the buttocks, and th third was a neonate with gastric performation and a gangrenous appendicitis. All three patients were compromised hosts (two with leukemia and one a premature infant with respiratory distress syndrome). All three patients appeared to have acquired the same organism. Rhizopus oryzae, from the same fomites, elastic bondages (Elastoplast). The Center for Disease Control has received several other reports of zygomycosis traceable to the same material. Alll three of our patients were cured of their infections. Early diagnosis and a combined surgical and chemotherapeutic approach appear to prevent death from zygomycosis.[1]


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