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Infant, Premature

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  • In the present study, a single oral or rectal dose of a potent inhibitor of prostaglandin synthesis, indomethacin, was administered to six consecutive premature infants with the syndrome who would otherwise have undergone surgical ligation of the patent ductus [25].
  • CONCLUSIONS: Treatment of ventilator-dependent premature infants with dexamethasone at two weeks of age is more hazardous and no more beneficial than treatment at four weeks of ages [26].
  • Phenylalanine was converted to tyrosine at substantial rates in both extremely premature and term infants; however, this conversion rate was significantly higher (P < 0.05) in extremely premature infants during both the basal and parenteral nutrition periods [27].
  • Thus, clinically stable, extremely premature infants suppress glucose production and increase glucose utilization in response to increased glucose infusion, demonstrating no inherent immaturity of these processes [28].
  • The unbound glucocorticoid activity in treated infants delivered 1-10 h after the second dose (mean, 8.4 microg per 100 ml) is similar to the unbound cortisol level after birth in untreated premature infants who develop RDS [21].

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Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Infant, Premature

  • SUMMARY BACKGROUND DATA: Although the hemodynamic effects of dopamine and dobutamine are well described in adults, little is known of their consequences in neonates, and their impact on organ perfusion in premature infants is unclear [34].
  • A series of reports in the 1960s highlighted nutritional copper deficiencies in infants and children recovering from malnutrition in Peru; since that time, a cascade of additional cases in premature infants, in patients receiving total parenteral nutrition, and in those receiving special diets or unmodified cow milk have been reported [35].
  • Radiologic considerations of intensive care in the premature infant. Annual oration in honor of William Henry Neil, M.D., 1924-1972 [36].
  • An obliquely oriented, paravertebral "tram-track" calcification in the right upper quadrant, particularly in a premature infant with a history of umbilical venous catheterization, should suggest the diagnosis of calcified ductus venosus [37].
  • METHODS: Premature infants were assigned randomly in a balanced two-way design to early (gastrointestinal priming for 10 days) versus late initiation of feeding (total parenteral nutrition only) and continuous infusion versus intermittent bolus tube-feeding groups [38].


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