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Panoramic radiographic examination of 704 Danish children aged 9--10 years.

Panoramic radiographs of 704 apparently health children aged 9--10 years were examined regarding anomalies and pathologic conditions in the maxillofacial area. Almost all findings were mesial to the molars. 1.7% of the children had a supernumerary tooth, 7.7% had hypodontia. Malposition of 631 permanent teeth was recorded. 42 dentigerous cysts were detected. Malformed crown or root was seen on 60 permanent teeth. Caries was found on 224 primary and 32 permanent teeth. 257 primary teeth showed atypical resorption, and 53 had a periapical inflammatory radiolucency. 20 retained roots of primary teeth were detected. 31 maxillary sinuses had an opacity. There were very few other findings.[1]


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