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Gene Review

HYD2  -  hypodontia 2 (autosomal recessive)

Homo sapiens

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  • Alleles G and T were found at a significant higher frequency in individuals with hypodontia, whereas alleles A and C were more frequent in Control subjects, p=0.0094 and 0.0086, respectively [23].
  • The number of third molars present, tooth size, arch size, and upper lateral incisor malformation were under strong genetic influence; hypodontia indicated a median heritability; a weak heritability was seen in tooth eruption and caries, and a weaker heritability was found in occlusal traits [24].
  • Multipurpose titanium miniplates were placed on the lateral nasal wall of the maxilla as anchorage for face mask protraction in an 11-year-old girl presenting with severe maxillary hypoplasia and hypodontia [25].

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