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Improvement of glucose homeostasis in insulin-dependent diabetics using a miniature insulin infusion pump with a fixed profile.

Glucose homeostasis was studied in nine longstanding insulin-dependent diabetic patients using a portable pump for intravenous insulin infusion. The 24 h infusion dose was calculated from the conventional SC insulin treatment. The range of basal infusion rates was 2.5 to 15 mU/min and peak delivery rates were raised up to 16-fold from start of main meals for 30-60 minutes. Mean blood glucose improved from 12.0 +/- 2.4 to 6.4 +/- 1.0 mmol/l (SD) during infusion (p less than 0.01). Glucose excretion decreased from 23 g/24 h (range 1-42) to 4 g/24 h (range 0-14) (p less than 0.01). Mean amplitude of glycaemic excursions was significantly improved during infusion (from 8.9 +/- 4.8 to 4.7 +/- 0.9 mmol/l; p less than 0.01). No severe hypoglycaemic episodes or other adverse reactions were seen.[1]


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