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Feedback regulation of ribosomal protein synthesis in E. coli: localization of the mRNA target sites for repressor action of ribosomal protein L1.

E. coli ribosomal protein L1 is a translational repressor of the synthesis in vitro of both proteins encoded in the L11 operon (L11 and L1). L1 is shown to act at a single target site within the first 160 bases of the bicistronic mRNA, near (or at) the translation initiation site of the L11 cistron. Synthesis of L1 apparently requires translation of the preceding L11 cistron, allowing regulation of the synthesis of both proteins froma single mRNA target site. This observation suggests a sequential translation mechanism that results in the equimolar synthesis rates of the two proteins observed in vivo. It was found that the presence of 23S rRNA, but not 16S rRNA, relieves translational inhibition by L1. L1 presumably recognizes structural features of the mRNA target site that are homologous to the L1-binding site of 23S rRNA. Although previous work indicated that translationally inhibited ribosomal protein mRNA is degraded in vivo, L1 repressor action in the present in vitro system was found not to involve mRNA degradation.[1]


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