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Endocrine parameters and alpha-tocopherol therapy of patients with mammary dysplasia.

Patients with mammary dysplasia (17 patients) and controls (6 patients) were treated in a double-blind study with alpha-tocopherol acetate (600 units/day). Determination of serum alpha-tocopherol, estradiol, estriol., and progesterone were made from blood samples collected on Day 21 of the menstrual cycle before and during therapy. Eight-eight % of patients showed clinical response to therapy. Serum alpha-tocopherol concentrations rose after therapy in patients and controls. Serum estradiol and progesterone concentration were not statistically different in patients or controls after therapy, although patients showed a trend toward increased serum progesterone concentration. However, the ratio of progesterone to estradiol, which is abnormal in mammary dysplasia patients, rose from 30 +/- 7 (S.E.) to 53 +/- 11 in patients after alpha-tocopherol therapy (p less than 0.05). Control patients showed no significant change in progesterone/estradiol ratio. Results of this study indicate that alpha-tocopherol therapy may correct an abnormal progesterone/estradiol ratio in patients with mammary dysplasia, with implications on reducing future risk for malignant breast disease.[1]


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