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Menstrual Cycle

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Anatomical context of Menstrual Cycle

  • Using this SIVmac model, we found that subcutaneous progesterone implants, which could mimic hormonally based contraceptives, thinned the vaginal epithelium and enhanced SIV vaginal transmission 7.7-fold over that observed in macaques treated with placebo implants and exposed to SIV in the follicular phase of the menstrual cycle [26].
  • Since a short luteal phase is associated with an endometrium not conductive to implantation, administration of the LRF agonist at the onset of menstrual cycle may prove to be a practical and novel approach to fertility control [27].
  • The clinical implications of these primate studies may be far-reaching because they indicate new potential for childbearing by otherwise infertile or sterile women who have a competent uterus but lack the hormonal milieu provided by ovarian follicular maturation and corpus luteum function in the normal menstrual cycle [28].
  • 43 subfertile men with circulating antibodies to spermatozoa entered a double-blind crossover trial and received soluble prednisolone (20 mg twice daily on days 1-10 of the female partner's menstrual cycle, followed by 5 mg on days 11 and 12) or matching placebo tablets for 9 months each [29].
  • Erythrocyte filterability, reticulocyte count, total serum bilirubin, and CO hemoglobin percent saturation (COHb) were measured throughout one menstrual cycle in 17 women [30].

Associations of Menstrual Cycle with chemical compounds

  • This suggested that giving a single dose of RU 486 late in the menstrual cycle might be an effective contraceptive strategy [31].
  • OBJECTIVES: To determine if the degree of QT prolongation in response to ibutilide varies with the menstrual cycle phase and to compare QT prolongation between women and men [21].
  • This action of estradiol provides an explanation for the selective reduction in FSH responses to GnRH seen during pubertal maturation in girls and during the mid-follicular stage of the menstrual cycle [32].
  • Both in follicular and luteal phases of the menstrual cycle, the women with lower SES had 50% higher estriol ratios (ratio of the concentration of estriol to the sum of the concentrations of estrone and estradiol) [33].
  • Thirty-four premenopausal women, aged 21-40 years, with a history of regular menstrual cycles, consumed 30 g of ethanol (equivalent to approximately two average drinks) per day for three menstrual cycles and no alcohol for the other three [34].

Gene context of Menstrual Cycle


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Menstrual Cycle


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