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Brain renin.

Although the brain contains cathepsins at high concentrations which exhibit a non-specific renin-like activity at acidic pH, the presence of specific renin in the brain has been demonstrated by characterizing its specific properties. Renin was separated from cathepsin by affinity chromatography on casein-Sepharose. Brain renin showed neutral pH optima for the reaction to generate angiotensin I. The presence of inactive prorenin was also found. The isoelectric points of brain renin were significantly lower differences from that of renal or plasma renin. Immunohistochemical studies demonstrated a wide-spread localization of renin in many different regions. Angiotensin II, the final product of the prohormone-to-hormone conversion reaction mediated by renin and angiotensin converting enzyme, was found to exist in the same cell as renin by immunohistochemical studies of brain sections and with cloned and cultured neuroblastoma cells. This is the first demonstration of the mechanism of peptide hormone formation in neuronal cells. Similar intracellular formation was demonstrated in gonadotrophs of adenohypophysis. Coexistence of renin and angiotensin II was demonstrated in some cells. Electrophysiological studies have shown that angiotensin II functions to disinhibit the inhibition of neuronal response to electrical stimuli in the hippocampus.[1]


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