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Cells regulate their mitogenic response to thrombin through release of protease nexin.

We previously reported that human and mouse fibroblast-like cells release into their growth medium a protein that we termed protease nexin. Protease nexin forms a covalent acyl linkage with thrombin and certain other serine proteases via the protease active site and mediates their binding, internalization and degradation by cells. Binding of thrombin-protease nexin to cells is mediated by the protease nexin portion of the complex to a high-affinity cellular binding site. As thrombin is a potent mitogen for a variety of fibroblast-like cells in culture, we examined whether protease nexin itself regulates thrombin-stimulated cell division. Recently, we showed that heparin virtually blocked the binding of thrombin-protease nexin complexes to both mouse and human cells without affecting the ability of these cells to respond to thrombin. Thus, protease nexin does not appear to be a positive modulator in thrombin-induced cell division. Here, we show that protease nexin negatively regulates the mitogenic response of cells in culture to thrombin.[1]


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