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Antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity against drug-induced antigens in L5178Y mouse lymphoma.

In vivo treatment with antineoplastic compounds has been reported to lead to the expression of new antigenic specificities which were not detected on parental cells, and which were transmissible as a genetic character. The current study is concerned with antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxic (ADCC) activity in serum of syngeneic mice challenged with LY/DTIC cells, a subline of LY murine lymphoma, antigenically altered by the drug DTIC. LY/DTIC target cells coated with LY/DTIC-immune serum were specifically lysed by virgin lymphocytes. The genetic background of the effector cells, whether syngeneic, allogeneic or xenogeneic, did not produce significant differences in the percentage of target-cell lysis. ADCC activity was reduced when the immune serum was added directly to the incubation medium, without precoating. Although sera from individual animals exhibited different levels of ADCC activity, they nevertheless followed the general trend of the pooled sera. Peak activity of ADCC was obtained in the sera collected on Days 8 and 30 after LY/DTIC cell challenge. The ADCC activity elicited by LY/DTIC cells may contribute to the rejection of drug-altered tumour cells.[1]


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