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DNA from the A6S/2 crown gall tumor contains scrambled Ti-plasmid sequences near its junctions with plant DNA.

The A6S/2 tumor incited on tobacco by Agrobacterium tumefaciens harboring the octopine-type A6 Ti plasmid contains one insert of Ti-plasmid sequences (the T DNA). This 13 kb insert is derived from a colinear sequence in the Ti plasmid (the T region) and becomes attached to plant DNA in the nucleus of the host cell. We have determined the DNA sequence encompassing the left end of the T region of the A6 Ti plasmid and the corresponding portion of the A6S/2 T DNA. The two sequences are identical for at least 806 bp. To the left of the divergence point, the tumor contains five partially overlapping sequences that are direct or inverted repeats of sequences to the right of the divergence point. The Ti plasmid contains only the right member of each of these repeats. We have also performed heteroduplex studies that indicate that this T DNA has a 520 bp inverted repeat of an internal sequence at the right end near its junction with plant DNA. The repeated sequences near the ends of the T DNA resemble the repeats of adenovirus type 12 sequences found near its junction with host DNA. We discuss data suggesting that the 23 bp to the immediate right of the divergence point of the A6 left junction form a site important in some step in the transfer of T-region DNA from the bacteria to the plant.[1]


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