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Effects of certain antibilharzial and contraceptive drugs on liver functions in rats.

Effects of single and combined administration of contraceptive drug (microvlar-30) and anti-urinary bilharzial drug (metriphonate) as well as anti-intestinal bilharzial drug (oxamniquine) on the liver functions of female albino rats were studied. Metriphonate increased serum globulin content and caused no change in the hepatic cells. Oxamniquine significantly increased the activities of serum transaminases and alkaline phosphatase and caused necrosis in some liver cells. Microvlar-30 exhibited no change on the serum enzymes, while marked increase was found in serum triglyceride and protein levels. The combined administration of metriphonate or oxamniquine with microvlar-30 prevented the increase in the levels of serum triglycerides and proteins. Histopathological examination confirmed the results obtained by chemical analysis.[1]


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