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Screening for lignin degrading bacteria by means of 14C-labelled lignins.

Several Nocardia and Pseudomonas spp., as well as some unidentified bacteria, isolated from lake water containing high loads of waste lignin, were tested for their capacity to release 14CO2 from specifically 14C-labelled dehydropolymer of coniferyl alcohol (DHP) or corn stalk lignins. The bacteria were selected according to their ability to degrade phenolic compounds. However, only some of them could release significant amounts of 14CO2 from the labelled lignin. The tested Nocardia spp. were more active than the Pseudomonas spp. and the unidentified bacteria. The most active strains belonged to N. autotrophica. These strains released CO2 significantly from the methoxyl group and transformed the other carbons from the phenylpropane skeleton of lignin also into CO2. Other less demethylating strains also released little CO2 from the other carbons of the lignin molecule. From corn stalk materials which were specifically labelled in the lignin part, only small amounts of labelled CO2 were released.[1]


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