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In vitro metabolism of penicillic acid with mouse-liver homogenate fractions.

The metabolism of penicillic acid (PA), a carcinogenic mycotoxin, was studied in vitro using subcellular fractions of mouse-liver homogenates. PA reacted with glutathione (GSH) both enzymatically and non-enzymatically. Each reaction was of equal importance. The in vitro metabolism of PA using different hepatic subcellular fractions was essentially non-enzymatic when GSH was absent, but metabolism was strikingly increased when GSH was available. In the microsomal preparation in the presence of GSH 75% of the added PA was biotransformed within 30 min to metabolite(s) that were not extractable with organic solvents. HPLC analysis indicated that the metabolite(s) were more polar than the parent compound.[1]


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