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A new locus regulating the expression of the Ldh-2 gene in mouse liver.

Patterns of lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) isozymes of tissues from various mouse strains were examined. An interstrain polymorphism for LDH isozymes of liver was established. One phenotype (CBA/Lac and AKR/J mice) yielded a five-banded LDH pattern, another phenotype (DBA/1J, DBA/2J, C57BL/6J and C3H/He) showed a three-banded one. Immunochemical evidence was obtained indicating that differences in the LDH pattern are mainly due to different contents of the B subunit of LDH. Linkage tests indicated that the locus Ldr-2 determining the amounts of the LDH B subunit in mouse liver tissue is located in chromosome 6, 19 + or - 4.1 cm away from the earlier described Ldr-1 locus. The effect of locus Ldr-2 is strictly tissue-specific; it is manifest only on days 6-8 after birth.[1]


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