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Metabolism of 1,3-dibromopropane.

Oral administration of 1,3-dibromopropane (2 mmol/kg) to rats resulted in a marked decrease in the level of hepatic glutathione (GSH). Sulphur-containing [14C]-metabolites were excreted in the bile of rats dose with 1,3-bromo[14C]propane and were subjected to enterohepatic cycling. After an oral dose of 1,3-dibromo[14C]propane, peak levels of radioactivity were rapidly attained in the blood and were maintained for several hours; approximately equal amounts of radioactive material were excreted in urine and expired air. Several radioactive metabolites were excreted in urine; a major metabolite was N-acetyl-S-[1-bromo-3-propyl]-cysteine.[1]


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