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Levonantradol for chemotherapy-induced emesis: phase I-II oral administration.

Thirty five patients were enrolled into a Phase I-II study of oral levonantradol being tested as an antiemetic for chemotherapy patients who were refractory to the aggressive use of standard antiemetic agents. Sixty-nine total courses were given. Dysphoric reactions (fear, anxiety, hallucinations) were the most serious side effects, and were most prevalent at the highest dose tested (2.0 mg q4h). Somnolence, a "high" feeling, hypotension were also noted. Antiemetic responses were seen at 0.5, 1.0, 1.5 and 2.0 mg dose levels: the two intermediate doses gave responses comparable to those previously reported for oral THC. It is suggested that a combination of oral and parenteral levonantradol may prove to be a very effective program to relieve the otherwise disabling problems of persistent nausea and vomiting.[1]


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