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Status epilepticus. The role of intravenous phenytoin.

The treatment of status epilepticus can be improved by using recent developments in the pharmacokinetics and method of intravenous (IV) administration of phenytoin sodium. While diazepam, administered IV, remains the drug of choice for the short-term control of seizures associated with compromised respiratory exchange, phenytoin is effective in preventing recurrence of such seizures and in treating most other forms of status epilepticus. A loading dose of 18 mg/kg given by IV infusion in either 0.45% or 0.9% sodium chloride at a rate no greater than 50 mg/min results in therapeutic serum levels for up to 24 hours in most patients. Maintenance therapy with phenytoin should start at 4 to 7 mg/kg/day and be adjusted to both clinical response and serum levels.[1]


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