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Isolation, regulation, and DNA-binding properties of three Drosophila nuclear hormone receptor superfamily members.

We have designed a rapid cloning and screening strategy to identify new members of the nuclear hormone receptor superfamily that are expressed during the onset of Drosophila metamorphosis. Using this approach, we isolated three Drosophila genes, designated DHR38, DHR78, and DHR96. All three genes are expressed throughout third-instar larval and prepupal development. DHR38 is the Drosophila homolog of NGFI-B and binds specifically to an NGFI-B response element. DHR78 and DHR96 are orphan receptor genes. DHR78 is induced by 20-hydroxyecdysone (20E) in cultured larval organs, and its encoded protein binds to two AGGTCA half-sites arranged as either direct or palindromic repeats. DHR96 is also 20E-inducible, and its encoded protein binds selectively to the hsp27 20E response element. The 20E receptor can bind to each of the sequences recognized by DHR78 and DHR96, indicating that these proteins may compete with the receptor for binding to a common set of target sequences.[1]


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