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Gene Review

Hr96  -  Hormone receptor-like in 96

Drosophila melanogaster

Synonyms: CG11783, DHR96, Dhr96, Dmel\CG11783, HR96, ...
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High impact information on Hr96

  • DHR78 and DHR96 are orphan receptor genes [1].
  • The 20E receptor can bind to each of the sequences recognized by DHR78 and DHR96, indicating that these proteins may compete with the receptor for binding to a common set of target sequences [1].
  • DHR96 is also 20E-inducible, and its encoded protein binds selectively to the hsp27 20E response element [1].
  • A DHR96 null mutant displays increased sensitivity to the sedative effects of phenobarbital and the pesticide DDT as well as defects in the expression of many phenobarbital-regulated genes [2].


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