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Expression, purification, and identification of a novel self-cleavage site of the Nla C-terminal 27-kDa protease of turnip mosaic potyvirus C5.

The gene encoding the C-terminal protease domain (27 kDa) of the nuclear inclusion protein a of turnip mosaic potyvirus C5 was cloned and expressed as a fusion protein with glutathione S-transferase in Escherichia coli XL1-blue. Two forms of the protease (27 and 25 kDa) were purified from the fusion protein by glutathione affinity chromatography and Mono S chromatography and exhibited the specific proteolytic activity when a synthetic undecapeptide, Glu-Pro-Thr-Val-Tyr-His-Gln-Thr-Leu-Asn-Glu, or an in vitro translation product of the polyprotein containing the cleavage site between the nuclear inclusion protein b and the capsid protein, was used as a substrate. The purified proteases showed a Km of 1.15 +/- 0.16 mM and a Vmax of 0.74 +/- 0.091 mumol/mg/min with the synthetic peptide substrate. The 25-kDa protein was found to be generated by the cleavage between Ser223 and Gly224 near the C-terminus of the 27-kDa protease and to retain the specific proteolytic activity. The point mutation of Asp81 or Cys151, two putative active site residues in the 27-kDa protease, to Asn or Ser, respectively, prevented the generation of the 25-kDa protein and diminished the proteolytic activity of the protease drastically, suggesting that the 27-kDa protease cleaves itself between Ser223 and Gly224 to generate the 25-kDa protein.[1]


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