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Prevention of anergy induction in cloned T cells by interleukin 12.

A variety of tumors are potentially immunogenic but do not stimulate an effective antitumor immune response in vivo. Tumors may be capable of delivering antigen-specific signals to T cells, but may not deliver the costimulatory signals necessary for full activation of T cells. In this regard, we recently reported that a human melanoma cell line (sMC) expressing MHC class II, was able to induce clonal anergy in a specific, MHC-restricted CD-4+ T cell clone (sTC3). We used this system to investigate the influence of interleukin (IL)-12 on induction of this T cell unresponsiveness. The presence of 10 to 100 U IL-12 during the induction phase of anergy leads to a primary proliferative response of sTC3, which was significantly higher than that induced by IL-12 alone; however, in the absence of IL-12 no proliferation was seen during the induction of anergy. Subsequent optimal stimulation of IL-12 treated cells, but not of those cultured without IL-12, led to substantial IL-2 production and cell proliferation. This indicates that induction of the unresponsive state could be inhibited by IL-12. In addition, we have recently demonstrated that anergic T cell clones can produce high amounts of IL-10 and that this event was correlated with their impaired ability to produce IL-2. This marked induction of IL-10 can be suppressed if IL-12 is present during initiation of unresponsiveness. However, IL-12 was not able to prime the T cell clone, sTC3, to become resistant against the anergizing stimulus, as this cytokine was only effective when present at the time of anergy induction.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)[1]


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