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Hereditary disorders among Iranian Jews.

Iranian Jews represent an ancient community with a very high degree of inbreeding. Although the community remained relatively isolated, it had strong ties with Babylonian Jewry in Iraq. Several genetic disorders have been reported to be frequent among Iranian Jews, in particular, corticosterone methyloxydase deficiency type II, polyglandular syndrome, and rimmed vacuole myopathy. Based on the data collected in our clinic, recessive and dominant deafness also appear to be frequent. Other diseases, such as beta-thalassemia, achromatopsia, colobomatous microphthalmia, Dubin-Johnson syndrome, and congenital myasthenia gravis, were frequent in both the Iranian and Iraqi Jewish communities. The place of origin of the families within Iran and the results of molecular studies suggest some reason(s) for the high frequency of these disorders among Iranian Jews. While the high frequency of some of the disorders, such as corticosterone methyloxydase deficiency type II, represents a founder effect, in other diseases (such as beta-thalassemia) it was secondary to heterozygote advantage.[1]


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