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Color Vision Defects

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Disease relevance of Color Vision Defects


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High impact information on Color Vision Defects

  • A second locus at 8q21-q22 has been identified among the Pingelapese islanders of Micronesia, who have a high incidence of recessive achromatopsia (MIM 262300) [6].
  • Numerous reports have been published concerning linkage of X-chromosome markers of the q28 region (including protan and deutan color blindness [CB] and glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency) to manic-depressive illness [7].
  • Linkage between an X-chromosome marker (deutan color blindness) and bipolar affective illness. Occurrence in the family of a lithium carbonate-responsive schizo-affective proband [8].
  • Our results demonstrate that GNAT2 is the third gene implicated in achromatopsia [9].
  • CNGA3 mutations were detected not only in patients with the complete form of achromatopsia but also in incomplete achromats with residual cone photoreceptor function and (rarely) in patients with evidence for severe progressive cone dystrophy [10].

Chemical compound and disease context of Color Vision Defects


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Anatomical context of Color Vision Defects

  • The phenotypic characteristics of cpfl1 mice are similar to those observed in patients with complete achromatopsia (ACHM2, OMIM 216900) and the cpfl1 mutation is the first naturally-arising mutation in mice to cause cone-specific photoreceptor function loss. cpfl1 mice may provide a model for congenital achromatopsia in humans [19].

Gene context of Color Vision Defects


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Color Vision Defects


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