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Unusual ancestry of dehydratases associated with quinate catabolism in Acinetobacter calcoaceticus.

Catabolism of quinate to protocatechuate requires the consecutive action of quinate dehydrogenase (QuiA), dehydroquinate dehydratase (QuiB), and dehydroshikimate dehyratase (QuiC), Genes for catabolism of protocatechuate are encoded by the pca operon in the Acinetobacter calcoaceticus chromosome. Observations reported here demonstrate that A. calcoaceticus qui genes are clustered in the order quiBCXA directly downstream from the pca operon. Sequence comparisons indicate that quiX encodes a porin, but the specific function of this protein has not been clearly established. Properties of mutants created by insertion of omega elements show that quiBC is expressed as part of a single transcript, but there is also an independent transcriptional initiation site directly upstream of quiA. The deduced amino acid sequence of QuiC does not resemble any other known sequence. A. calcoaceticus QuiB is most directly related to a family of enzymes with identical catalytic activity and biosynthetic AroD function in coliform bacteria. Evolution of A. calcoaceticus quiB appears to have been accompanied by fusion of a leader sequence for transport of the encoded protein into the inner membrane, and the location of reactions catalyzed by the mature enzyme may account for the failure of A. calcoaceticus aroD to achieve effective complementation of null mutations in quiB. Analysis of a genetic site where a DNA segment encoding a leader sequence was transposed adds to evidence suggesting horizontal transfer of nucleotide sequences within genes during evolution.[1]


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