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A family of molecules related to collapsin in the embryonic chick nervous system.

Signaling molecules with either attractive or repulsive effects on specific growth cones are likely to play a role in guiding axons to their appropriate targets. A chick brain glycoprotein, collapsin, has been shown to be a good candidate for a repulsive guidance cue. We report here the discovery of four new molecules related to collapsin in chick brains. All contain a semaphorin domain. One is structurally very similar to collapsin but is only 50% identical in its amino acid sequence. We have named it collapsin-2. The collapsin-related genes exhibit distinct but overlapping patterns of mRNA expression in the developing spinal cord and the developing visual system. This family of collapsin-related molecules could potentially act as repulsive cues toward specific neuronal populations.[1]


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