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Differential diagnosis of lung nematode parasites from livestock by electrophoretic techniques.

The protein profile, determined by SDS-PAGE, from different geographical strains (Slovakia and Spain) of Dictyocaulus filaria and Protostrongylus rufescens parasitizing Capra hircus and Ovis aries has been assayed. This protein profile has also been comparatively determined in D. viviparus isolated from lungs of Bos taurus killed in Slovakia, by SDS-PAGE. Protein profiles of D. viviparus and both strains of D. filaria were very similar while in P. rufescens a quite different protein profile was found. Furthermore, the isoenzymatic pattern of Lactate Dehydrogenase ( LDH) has been studied in two different geographical strains of D. filaria and P. rufescens and in D. viviparus by starch gel electrophoresis. From both strains of D. filaria and from both sexes, the isoenzymatic pattern of LDH was characterized by the presence of five isoenzymes, four anodical and one cathodical. In contrast, males and females of D. viviparus showed a different LDH isoenzymatic pattern; males presenting two isoenzymes with anodical and cathodical migration, respectively, and females showed only a single isoenzyme with anodical migration. Moreover, the electrophoretic mobility of the D. viviparus isoenzymes was different to that of D. filaria. Therefore, LDH has been designated as an important diagnostic tool to differentiate between species of genus Dictyocaulus. Finally, the LDH isoenzymatic pattern in P. rufescens (Slovakian and Spanish strain) was identical in both sexes appearing as a single band with cathodical migration.[1]


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