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Cloning and characterisation of a bovine P2Y receptor.

Using a chick P2Y1 receptor cDNA probe we have isolated a mammalian P2Y receptor clone from a bovine aortic endothelial cell library. The sequence has a high degree of similarity to the chick P2Y1 clone. When transfected into the Jurkat cell line, the cDNA conferred sensitivity to purinoceptor agonists. Using fura-2 loaded cells the potency order at the receptor was found to be 2-methylthioadenosine 5' triphosphate = adenosine 5' diphosphate > adenosine 5' triphosphate >> alpha,beta-methyleneadenosine 5' triphosphate and uridine 5' triphosphate. This corresponds to the agonist potency order expected for the bovine aortic endothelial cell P2Y receptor.[1]


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