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The t(11;22)(p15.5;q11.23) in a retroperitoneal rhabdoid tumor also includes a regional deletion distal to CRYBB2 on 22q.

Translocations and deletions involving chromosomal band 22q11 are common genetic aberrations in malignant rhabdoid tumors. Previous molecular analyses of a t(11;22) in the malignant rhabdoid tumor cell line TM87-16 localized the breakpoint distal to BCR on 22q11. In the present report, we have further refined the map position of this breakpoint between CRYBB2 and D22S258. Moreover, the D22S258, CRYBA4, D22S300, D22S1, and D22S310 loci, which lie between CRYBB2 and D22S42, were found to be deleted, presumably as a result of the translocation event. The identification of this deletion of at least 2 Mb on the long arm of chromosome 22 should be helpful for mapping the gene(s) in the region involved in the development of malignant rhabdoid tumors as well as providing insights into the mechanisms of chromosomal translocation in human solid tumors.[1]


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