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Distribution of calretinin mRNA in the vestibular nuclei of rat and guinea pig and the effects of unilateral labyrinthectomy: a non-radioactive in situ hybridization study.

We examined the localization of neurons expressing mRNA for calretinin, a cytosolic EF hand calcium-binding protein, throughout the vestibular nuclei of rat and guinea pig by non-radioactive in situ hybridization, using an alkaline phosphatase labeled oligonucleotide probe. Labeled cells were particularly numerous in the medial vestibular nucleus (mVN) and their distribution was similar in rat and guinea pig, and presented a characteristic rostrocaudal and mediolateral pattern. The effects of hemilabyrinthectomy were assessed at various times post lesion from 10 h to 30 days by comparison of the pattern of labeling in the ipsi- and contra-lateral vestibular nuclei of guinea pig. After up to 48 h no modification in the calretinin mRNA distribution was detected. After 3 to 30 days of survival, there was a decrease (about 30%) of the calretinin expressing neurons in the nucleus on the side of the lesion. The unilateral sensory deprivation seemed to induce a permanent asymmetry in the expression of calretinin which was not abolished after vestibular compensation. These results suggested that the calretinin expression in these neurons depends upon the integrity and activity of sensorineuronal peripheral vestibular influences.[1]


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