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Indocyanine green fundus angiography of retrobulbar vasculature.

OBJECTIVE: To report the observations of the retrobulbar vasculature with indocyanine green angiography. METHODS: We performed fluorescein and indocyanine green angiography with a fundus camera (TRC501A) at a university medical center. We examined 12 patients (three men and nine women) with pathologic myopia. RESULTS: With these methods, retrobulbar vessels could be observed in the eyes of these patients with pathologic myopia and thin sclera. The location of the vessels could be changed by altering eye position. CONCLUSION: With fluorescein angiography, we were able to visualize some of the retrobulbar vasculature in selected areas, but indocyanine green angiography was apparently superior to fluorescein angiography.[1]


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