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Hypersensitivity pneumonitis in a raptor handler and a wild bird fancier.

BACKGROUND: Hypersensitivity pneumonitis has been associated with a variety of antigens in various settings. We have recently encountered one case of hypersensitivity pneumonitis from owl droppings and another case from a wild Moluccan cockatoo. OBJECTIVE: It is important to alert physicians to the possibility of hypersensitivity pneumonitis when dealing with wildlife workers and wild bird fanciers. METHOD: A report of two cases with progress and response to therapy. RESULTS: Clinical and serologic information are of value in the diagnosis of hypersensitivity pneumonitis due to birds and avoidance is the optimal approach. CONCLUSION: There are many raptor handlers and wild bird fanciers across the United States and the world. Given the incidence of hypersensitivity pneumonitis in pigeon breeders, this may herald a new variant of allergic disease among wildlife workers and wild bird fanciers.[1]


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