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  • OX40 (CD134) controls memory T helper 2 cells that drive lung inflammation [28].
  • Treatment of mice with IL-12 at the time of a second antigen challenge also prevented airway hyperresponsiveness and significantly reduced numbers of BAL inflammatory cells, reflecting the ability of IL-12 to inhibit responses associated with ongoing antigen-induced pulmonary inflammation [29].
  • In contrast, Ptgs1-deficient mice had pancreatitis and pulmonary inflammation, which was as severe or, in some instances, more severe than in the wild-type mice [30].
  • Here we report that Runx3 knockout (KO) mice develop spontaneous eosinophilic lung inflammation associated with airway remodeling and mucus hypersecretion [31].
  • These data suggest that a TM mutation that impairs APC generation results in uncontrolled lung inflammation during tuberculosis [32].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Pneumonia


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