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Contextual and interactional factors influencing condom use in heterosexual prostitution contacts.

The protection behavior of prostitutes and prostitutes' clients has been studied from a contextual and an interactional point of view. Different protection styles (subject's cognitive and behavioral position regarding condom use) have been identified in both prostitutes (N = 119) and clients (N = 91). Risk-taking prostitutes were found to have the least favorable working conditions, to have the highest financial need, to have the lowest levels of well-being and job satisfaction and to have been victimized more often than consistent condom users and selective risk-taking prostitutes. Consistent condom users among the clients were found to be better educated, to have a less strong external Health Locus of Control, to evaluate condoms and visiting prostitutes more positively, and prostitutes less negatively, and to have more fear of AIDS than non-consistent condom using clients. Various protection styles were found to be thoroughly intertwined with different interaction scenarios. Four different interaction scenarios (a standard, a romantic, a friendship and a fighting scenario) with a different chance of condom use are set forth. It is shown that the scenario approach gives good insight into the process by which unsafe sex in commercial contacts comes about. For both actors, the context and the meaning of prostitution influence the way they play the game. The interaction and its outcome in their turn reinforce their attitudes towards prostitution. Implications for AIDS prevention are discussed.[1]


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