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Platelet serotonin markers and depressive symptomatology.

Dysfunction of brain serotonergic symptoms may be a factor in the mood and behavioral disturbances associated with depression. Platelet serotonin measures represent indirect but easily obtainable indices of brain serotonin function. To examine the specificity of relationships between cognitive and vegetative symptom groupings and platelet serotonin measures, we assessed 35 depressed outpatients using the Hamilton Rating Scale for Depression and collected platelets after a minimum 3-week drug-free period. Platelets were also collected from 14 controls. The results showed that depressed patients had lower platelet serotonin (5-HT) uptake site density values than controls and that 5-HT uptake site density values were inversely correlated with the severity of cognitive symptoms of depression. Platelet 5-HT2 receptor density values were higher in depressed patients than controls, and there was a trend toward a direct correlation between the cognitive symptoms of depression and 5-HT2 receptor density values. Neither platelet measure showed any relationship with the severity of the vegetative symptoms of depression.[1]


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