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Modulation of GSK-3-catalyzed phosphorylation of microtubule-associated protein tau by non-proline-dependent protein kinases.

The phosphorylation of bovine tau, either by GSK-3 alone or by a combination of GSK-3 and several non-proline-dependent protein kinases (non-PDPKs), was studied. GSK-3 alone catalyzed the incorporation of approximately 3 mol 32P/mol tau at a relatively slow rate. Prephosphorylation of tau by A-kinase, C-kinase, or CK-2 (but not by CK-1, CaM kinase II or Gr kinase) increased both the rate and extent of a subsequent phosphorylation catalyzed by GSK-3 by several-fold. These results suggest that the phosphorylation of tau by PDPKs such as GSK-3 (and possibly MAP kinase, cdk5) may be positively modulated at the substrate level by non-PDPK-catalyzed phosphorylations.[1]


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