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A 61-kb ring chromosome shows an ARS-dependent increase in its mitotic stability in the mcm2 mutant of yeast.

We have studied the effects of ARS addition and deletion on the maintenance of a 61-kb ring derivative of chromosome III in a minichromosome maintenance mutant of yeast carrying the mcm2-1 mutation. When this ring chromosome, CIIIR, had either of its two strong origins deleted, the resultant chromosome showed a much greater instability in the mutant as compared to that of the wild-type strain. Integration of more ARSs improved the maintenance of CIIIR in the mutant but not in the wild-type strain. Increase in the size of CIIIR, without any ARS addition, did not improve the stability in either strain. A spontaneous revertant for improved growth at 35 degrees C also co-reverted for minichromosome and CIIIR maintenance. The results suggest that ARS malfunctioning leads to minichromosome and chromosome loss from mutant cells, affecting their growth at higher temperatures.[1]


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