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Ring Chromosomes

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Disease relevance of Ring Chromosomes


Psychiatry related information on Ring Chromosomes


High impact information on Ring Chromosomes

  • The phenotypically normal father and grandfather of the patient each had a small supernumerary ring chromosome and demonstrated three copies for the loci D22S9, D22S43, and ATP6E [7].
  • Studies of the ring chromosome that has XIST DNA but does not transcribe it show that its AR allele is transcribed along with the one on the normal X allele.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)[8]
  • Telomeric sequences also were observed within a ring chromosome [9].
  • We found that a MAR had been deleted from one of the two rabbit immunoglobulin kappa-chain genes and that MARs reside next to a long interspersed repetitive element within the recombination junction of a human ring chromosome 21 [10].
  • Six cases of epilepsy associated with ring chromosome 20 are presented [11].

Chemical compound and disease context of Ring Chromosomes


Biological context of Ring Chromosomes


Anatomical context of Ring Chromosomes


Associations of Ring Chromosomes with chemical compounds

  • PET with 6-18F-L-3,4-fluorodihydroxyphenylalanine (18F-fluoro-L-DOPA) has recently demonstrated a reduction of striatal dopamine uptake in drug-resistant epileptic patients with ring chromosome 20 (r20) using a multiple-time graphical analysis [22].
  • The results indicate that DS cells exposed to bleomycin are hypersensitive to the production of dicentric and ring chromosomes compared to normal cells [23].
  • The induction of 2-break chromosome aberrations (dicentrics and ring chromosomes) in human lymphocytes by the antitumor agents bleomycin and peplomycin is strongly enhanced when those agents are applied together with the heart drug verapamil (isoptin) [24].

Gene context of Ring Chromosomes


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Ring Chromosomes

  • The genetic and EEG finding from this patient strongly suggest that epilepsy associated with 20 ring chromosome syndrome is a distinct new entity, although the clinical manifestations may be broader than previously recognized [30].
  • In situ hybridization studies, gene dosage, and DNA polymorphism analysis showed that the ring chromosome carries a duplicated region which extends from D21S406 on the centromeric side and includes marker D21S3 on the telomeric side [31].


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