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Field evaluation of thirteen regimens for the control of progressive atrophic rhinitis.

The purpose of the study was to evaluate, under field conditions, the effect of prophylactic programs for the control of progressive atrophic rhinitis (PAR)--recommended in different countries. The investigations were carried out on 280 pregnant sows divided into 14 equal groups and 50 slaughter pigs randomly selected from the litters produced by the sows of each of the groups. Efficacy of all programs was recognized on the basis of comparative evaluation of the average daily gain (ADG), morphometric examination of turbinate bones and computer conchal morphometry (TPR). An increase in ADG was noted in 12 of 13 experimental groups when compared to the control group. Usefulness of the evaluated programs differed significantly. Results of TPR relate only partially to the results of visual morphometry and results of ADG.[1]


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