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Two mutations that block heterocyst differentiation have different effects on akinete differentiation in Nostoc ellipsosporum.

Evident differentiation of vegetative cells into heterocysts in Anabaena sp. strain PCC 7120 is prevented by insertions in genes hetR and hetP. Nostoc ellipsosporum possesses single copies of genes that hybridize with hetR and hetP. In mutant NE2 of N. ellipsosporum, in which hetR is interrupted by an insert, and in a double recombinant of wild-type N. ellipsosporum with a plasmid that bears an interrupted copy of hetR, neither heterocysts nor akinetes are formed. When an intact copy of hetR from Anabaena sp. strain PCC 7120 was added to NE2 the ability to form both heterocysts and akinetes was restored. In contrast to the hetR mutant, a hetP mutant of N. ellipsosporum could form akinetes, but heterocyst formation was blocked. Use of luxAB, encoding luciferase, as a reporter, and use of luxC, luxD and luxE to generate aldehyde (a substrate for the luciferase reaction), permitted visualization of the expression of hetR at the level of single cells; hetR was expressed in akinetes.[1]


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