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Localization of the gene for dominant cystoid macular dystrophy on chromosome 7p.

In a family with autosomal dominant cystoid macular dystrophy (DCMD) linkage was detected with the dinucleotide marker D7S435 on the short arm of chromosome 7. With markers flanking D7S435, the DCMD locus could be assigned to the interval D7S493-D7S526 at 7p15-p21, which spans approximately 20 cM. Three-point linkage yielded a maximal lod score of 9.46 and location score of 43.5 and suggested that DCMD is 5,5 cM proximal to D7S493. Recently, a retinitis pigmentosa ( RP7) locus has been mapped in roughly the same area of chromosome 7. Genetic data of both studies described below, allow a region of overlap between the location of the DCMD and the RP7 gene between D7S435 and D7S526. Both genes being one and the same will further substantiate the close relationship between macular degeneration and retinitis pigmentosa.[1]


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