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Prognostic value of methacholine challenge in patients with respiratory symptoms.

BACKGROUND: The objective was to study the current clinical status of 78 adults with respiratory symptoms, who were referred 3 to 10 years ago for diagnostic methacholine challenge. We tested the hypothesis that methacholine hyperresponsiveness would be associated on follow-up with increased symptoms of chest tightness, dyspnea, wheezing, cough, and more frequent use of selected treatment modalities. METHODS: Current symptoms were evaluated by means of interview questionnaire, and methacholine challenge was repeated during follow-up examination. Comparisons were made between patients who were and those who were not hyperresponsive to methacholine at initial and follow-up challenges by using specific symptoms and calculated symptom and treatment scores. RESULTS: We found that subjects who had positive methacholine challenge results on initial challenge (n = 37) were significantly more likely than those with negative results (n = 41) to have nonexertional chest tightness, wheezing, and dyspnea, but not cough. A high proportion of both groups had current symptoms. Two thirds of the patients continued to have positive (n = 25) or negative (n = 27) methacholine challenge results, and one third had a change in status (n = 26). Significant correlations were also found between follow-up methacholine responsiveness and concurrent symptoms, again with the exception of cough. CONCLUSIONS: Methacholine challenge warrants cautious interpretation in the individual patient as an aid to diagnosis and prognosis in the evaluation of respiratory symptoms, especially cough.[1]


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